Carpets should be an occasional buy, but making the wrong choice can be costly if you have to replace them too soon. The most important consideration when buying a carpet is how much wear it will get and how long it should last – a few months to sell your house, or many years of children running up and down the hallway? We can explain how carpet fibres and construction make some carpets better than others.

Carpets have fashion trends in the same way as clothes but before paying out for the latest fashionable colour or pattern, think about future decorating plans. It is always advisable to see how the carpet might look with your décor, both in the day and at night with your lighting.

We supply and fit carpets from all the leading manufacturers including Hugh Mackay, Gaskells, Georgian, Kingsmead, Manx, Regency and many more. We also have one of the largest ranges of Lifestyle products in Swindon.

The experience and expertise of J&M Flooring will ensure that you make the right choice. We will identify your carpet needs and ensure that you get the best price but without compromising quality.